History of Kouhpa caravanserai hotel

Caravanserai generally is a building that served as the inn of the Orient, providing accommodation for commercial, pilgrim, postal, and especially official travelers. In Persian the Arabic term rebāṭ, meaning a fortified rest house on a land route, was common, as was the popular designation kārvān-sarāy-e šāh-ʿabbāsī (built by Shah ʿAbbās) after Shah ʿAbbās I [...]
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About Kouhpa caravanserai complex

Kouhpa caravanserai complex is located in Isfahan 60km-E, in Iran classic route (Isfahan, Nain, Yazd) on the edge of Iran central desert. Due to age of the construction and tourism growth, the caravanserai became under renovation by a privet Iranian company in 2011 with the consideration of Safavid architectural style and Iranian traditional forms in [...]
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About Kouhpaye District

Kouhpaye is one the old vast district of Isfahan located on 60km Isfahan-E on the edge of Iran Central Desert. On the east, Nain county and Yazd province are located. 45km toward the south, it reaches Varzane Desert, Gav Khouni International Wetland, and Khara Salt Lake. On the west less than an hour it reaches [...]
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